Cool Plates: Delight in the Spring Palette at Moto

As we move through the transition from winter to spring we are delighted to offer brighter, more colorful flavors that accentuate the beauty of the seasons which is the magic of moto.

We offer two tasting menus, an 8-course or 16-course tasting menu. The 8-course tasting menu is $125, with beverage pairings starting at $55 (8-course tasting menu is available Tuesday through Thursday, and Fridays for $145 with beverage pairings for $65). The 16-course tasting menu is $175, with a $95 beverage pairing option (16-course tasting menu is available Tuesday through Saturday). Make your reservation by calling 312-491-0088 or online.  

Dining at moto is like actively engaging in a multi-sensory dining experience unlike any other around the world. The moto kitchen serves as a state of the art canvas for our culinary team we combine high-tech equipment, intricate techniques with exotic, sustainable and seasonally conscious ingredients from around the world. While our vision in gastronomy may at some times appear to be a note taken out of a far out science-fiction novel, the magnificent flavors and extreme attention to detail for each moto dish are indeed very real.