Richard Farina

Executive Chef

Moto Restaurant

Richard “Richie” Farina began his career as a pizza maker. During this two year span, Richie also honed his skills by catering with a family friend. Seeking a bigger challenge, Chef Farina decided to enroll at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island to obtain a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts. With Chef Farina’s help, the school won the National College Ice Carving Championship 3 years in a row.

After working in several top restaurants in Boston, Chef Farina sought out a new home, and a bigger challenge. Off to Chicago he went and landed a job with Moto Restaurant in April 2008. In just two short years, Chef Farina worked all possible stations at Moto Restaurant including every front of house position available. In time, he was groomed as the restaurant’s sous chef.

In 2009, Chef Farina was one of four characters on a nationally syndicated television show for Discovery Networks, entitled Future Food, which highlighted the whimsical creations and personalities of Moto Restaurant. As one of four lead characters on Future Food, Chef Farina gained national recognition as one of the most creative talents in the restaurant world. Chef Farina’s work has reached hundreds of national television and print outlets including The Travel Channel’s No Reservations, The Today Show, CNN’s Next List, The New York Times and many others. He was also a featured contestant on the 9th season of the hit Bravo television program Top Chef.

Chef Farina’s hard work was rewarded him with the title of Executive Chef at Moto Restaurant.

Richie describes his experience at Moto as, “By far the craziest and most fun place I have ever worked. I am happy to call this place my home.”

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